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Naples Premiere Festival

Where Wellness meets Music & Art. Cultivating abundance one festival at a time

February 24


SoulFLO is a festival that sits at the intersection of music, the arts, and health & wellness creating a unique and elevated experience for attendees. Our festival is held in the center greenspace at Baker Park, encouraging participants to connect with nature and experience the festival grounds in a unique way. Our festival offers many energizing and restorative experiences to feed the body and soul.

Enjoy at

soulflo 2024


Enjoy afternoon  yoga sessions on the stage


Organic and plant-based choices. Our vendors focus on fresh, nutritious foods to promote well-being.

fitness activities

Interactive workouts led by local fitness enthusiasts. Stay active and energized throughout the festival.

therapeutic arts

Massage therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and other healing arts. Attendees can indulge in sessions that promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

wellness exhibitions

Learn about various wellness practices, alternative therapies, and sustainable living. Vendors will showcase eco-friendly products and services.

Art Workshops

Multiple Art Experiences happening throughout the day. For specialty Experiences please sign up here.


View live art demos throughout the festival, join in an intention setting activity, create art with hourly projects

Music & Sound

Immerse yourself in live beats and music all day. Sound healing available in the VIP tent.